Magnets, Tools, and some Sugru

So I got some Sugru a while back and hadn't found entirely too many things to do with it outside of making slight (though admittedly, very useful) adjustments to everyday things. Putting little feet on my external hard drive to prevent it from slipping, or re-gripping my multi-tool. Then I decide to mix in some magnets.

And I came up with this.

Not very hard to do. You take some Sugru, roll it around into a ball, stick it on your wall, and put the magnet in the center. If you really need some instructions on how to use it, check out the Instructables I made for it. (yes, I called them magic nipples.) It holds tools and such, stuff that's good to have easily accessible.

After some basic stress testing I found that the Sugru will hold more than the magnet will hold, so you're limited by the magnet's strength. With this thought, I decided to ration the Sugru and make 5 "nipples" with one packet.

I did a very fast tool placement alignment, which is why you see the varied heights of all the magnets.
On the far right, you can see the size when an entire packet is used. The rest are rationed off. I worried about these smaller ones because I was thinking less surface area to grip would result in less strength. I put all my tools up, and let them hang for 24 hours. This would be my strength test.

And they all hang well. For the ruler on the left, I used a second magnet, which is a cylinder shape, so that it can hang on it. I like this as opposed to installing an actual hook into the wall because I can take off the secondary magnet and I can use the magnet for anything else I want. The T-Square next to the ruler needed two Sugru-magnets because it slants a little with the weight distribution. The tape measure needs a secondary magnet on the back of it so that there is a strong enough attraction to hold it up. Everything else holds up perfectly fine with just the installed Sugru-magnet.

So now I have this floating tool rack. I just decided to put up the stuff I use most often, or stuff that my family asks to use most often. I'm figuring out a way to put my hammer up, but I've run out of Sugru for the time being. But I like this because nothing is permanent on here. The Sugru peels right off (be wary though, you can't reapply it), and the magnets can all be salvaged should I decide I don't like this anymore.

I also put two magnets near my door (more will be added) for stuff that usually goes in my pockets.

Car keys, and my multi-tool of choice.
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Keep on makin'.

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