Where Have We Been?

Almost paradoxically, when we experienced our most "success" here at the labs, our interest and dedication to the cause faded faster with each day, until it was no longer a concern of us. It was a sad day. Let's get up to speed with what happened since we last really updated:

Mike submitted "Magic Nipples" to the Sugru Life Hacks Contest on Instructables, and won the grand prize! A few packs of Sugru, a multi-tool, and some Instructables swag. A good score, and our first win.

Charlie then submitted his skateboard wall lamp to the Joby Transform It Contest, also on Instructables. Charlie was a finalist with the lamp, but those bastards wouldn't let us win again.

Charlie, clearly out for blood now, decided to make some cheesy beer bread, and submitted it. After just a few days, the bread became a featured Instructable, and got on the frontpage.

Because that wasn't good enough, after a few weeks Chuck's bread got put into the Easy Quick Breads e-book published by Instructables.

And after that, we just faded away. Life got busy, and this site got neglected. It's been nearly a year since the last update, but it is time again for the creative juices to flow. Expansion and creation is a necessary fire of life, and this site will help fuel the flames. The labs are operational once again.

And what's with this Rios guy? He has his own page and everything, and the dude never even made a mini-trebuchet? Seems pretty snakey...

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