Ice Soap

Two months ago Reddit user EffinD submitted a vertical image with the title "Shower To Go." Better known as Ice Soap, this DIY shower in a block of ice became the target of much criticism, praise, and memery. I didn't understand what all the commotion was about, anyone could tell plain as day that a block of ice will not "rinse" lathered soap off of your body. And with that, we revisit the now washed up child celebrity that is Ice Soap.

First, I make a batch:

And, there it is. You can see the water layer on top and the cleaning layer on the bottom. I apologize because I didn't take pictures of me adding the water side. My initial hypothesis was that the soap would lather but the pure ice side wouldn't "rinse" you off, but would just slosh around soap. Let's test:

Oh man, that lathers pretty damn well. This is actually a pretty great idea, let's just rinse myself off--

Oh god. Oh god it's all over my arm now. Damn you, Ice Soap!

Did anyone really think it would rinse? Do you know when you take a shower and every now and then you have some leftover suds on your body? That's with gallons and gallons of water being shot at your face. Why would a couple of ounces of ice actually do any rinsing? Why am I using so many question marks?

The idea is still fun and the refreshing quality is undeniable. To effectively remove the soap however, a towel or rag is mandatory. I wholeheartedly believe that just buying a pack of Wet Ones or something similar is the best solution, but if you want to go the DIY route, here's an all-around easier method that's just as effective:

Spray bottles, duh. Easiest solution ever. 

Removing some foam

Why freeze a solution of soapy water when you can put it in a spray bottle at room temperature?

Two sprays and rub it around, it already starts to lather. 

Towel it off...

And my arm is clean.

It's stupid simple, because trying to create a shower on the go is stupid, and should be simple. I filled the second spray bottle with water, and would spray it to help the soap lather better, but you don't really need the second spray bottle, the soapy one works fine on it's own. 

While not as...faux-clever as Ice Soap, a little spray bottle with soapy water works just as well as a quick cleaning agent. It also takes all of two minutes to create, compared to ice soap which takes hours to freeze both times. I don't need a cooler to keep my spray bottle cold, and if my friends wanted to also clean up, it's not fucking gross like us sharing a communal block of ice would be. 

But really, if you want to clean up after "sporting" with your friends, just go home and take a quick shower. Come on.

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