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Soda bottle light

Alright so i'm sure everyone has heard of these, how people in poor countries use 2 liter bottles with water and bleach in them to make free skylights. I decided that this would be a fun and easy thing to do.

First I bought a pizza, bread sticks, and a two liter from pizza hut.

I ate all of it while watching 3 episodes of the league, and once I pulled myself out of the resulting shame spiral, I was ready to go.

After filling the 2 liter with water

I then used a piece of cardboard and a box cutter to make a hole in the cardboard to stick the bottle through. I figured I would make about 1/4th or a 1/3rd of it stick through the top so I cut a hole that was slightly too small for it and jammed it through.
I decided the best thing was to make a fake "house" out of a box, and use the piece of cardboard as a roof, so I could still use the flaps to completely close the box for comparison purposes.

I made a dumb door in the side of the box so I could look in without really letting any light in:

Now the last step was to put about 2 caps full of bleach in the water, my guess would be that its to keep the water clear and kill bacteria in the water.

It actually worked better than I expected:

With soda light:

Tilted toward the sun

Without the soda light:

Tilted without the soda light

Overall it's a pretty cool idea, and more effective than I thought it would have been. It really would be pretty great for people who cant afford much electricity in poorer countries or hobos I guess.

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Time Management

Look I made a shitty comic! I hope it was worth the wait!