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Another thing I have zero documentation of creating. This was for my girlfriend for our handmade only christmas gifts. She likes steampunkish themes without so much retarded non-functional-but-functional-looking-stuff and is more just into the palette and aesthetics associated with steampunk. I bought gears online (which I thought were 5 times larger) and copper plates (which I also thought were significantly larger) and ended up slapping this thing together.

Personally, I hate it. She says she likes it. It was fun to experiment with jewelry though.

Shit Box Car: Attempt 1

So I had it in my head to make a toy car with a motor on it.

I worked out a simple design in my head, and then used some wood and cardboard to make the whole thing.

It didn't work. The design did, but it wasn't strong enough to move the entire vehicle itself. Video below:


I plan to attempt this project again.

Soda bottle light

Alright so i'm sure everyone has heard of these, how people in poor countries use 2 liter bottles with water and bleach in them to make free skylights. I decided that this would be a fun and easy thing to do.

First I bought a pizza, bread sticks, and a two liter from pizza hut.

I ate all of it while watching 3 episodes of the league, and once I pulled myself out of the resulting shame spiral, I was ready to go.

After filling the 2 liter with water

I then used a piece of cardboard and a box cutter to make a hole in the cardboard to stick the bottle through. I figured I would make about 1/4th or a 1/3rd of it stick through the top so I cut a hole that was slightly too small for it and jammed it through.
I decided the best thing was to make a fake "house" out of a box, and use the piece of cardboard as a roof, so I could still use the flaps to completely close the box for comparison purposes.

I made a dumb door in the side of the box so I could look in without really letting any light in:

Now the last step was to put about 2 caps full of bleach in the water, my guess would be that its to keep the water clear and kill bacteria in the water.

It actually worked better than I expected:

With soda light:

Tilted toward the sun

Without the soda light:

Tilted without the soda light

Overall it's a pretty cool idea, and more effective than I thought it would have been. It really would be pretty great for people who cant afford much electricity in poorer countries or hobos I guess.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Time Management

Look I made a shitty comic! I hope it was worth the wait!

More Clay Shit

My mom saw some craft idea to make an ornament with a silver spoon and a santa face made out of clay, so she made me do it.

Bought the spoon at Goodwill, it was so tarnished it looked like brass until I cleaned it. Made the face, baked it, then sent it to my grandmother, the amazing painter. Just got it back today and glued it onto the spoon.

Brand New Look

Sup dudes. This is the new look of the site. There is a little more functionality in the Carousel-like feature than before. It's pretty easy coding stuff, the most annoying is replacing stuff in the carousel.

You can also see the "I Heart New Shit" pic in the right corner. Clicking it brings up the two most recent blog posts. Staying on the shit list is considered an honor, and gives you the right to make fun of whoever isn't on it at the time.

Other than that, just keep making shit. I am going to wipe the floor with you fegs I don't even know why I'm writing this.