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FYYCDT 1: Prize

Mike won the first FYYCDT challenge with his PVC bow due to its originality and functionality; outdoing Rios' more traditional branch bow. Rios did compete, he just didn't post yet (look I know the rule of the internet is "pics or it didn't happen," but this happened, ok?)

The winner of FYYCDT gets a prize to be determined and created by the challenge issuer and to fit the theme of martial prowess I decided to make a shield with a house sigil for the winner.

Wood (3: 1x5x6 and 1: 2x4x6)
Button Plugs
Miter saw
Painter's Tape

Bisect those 3(1x5x6) to give you 6(1x5x3) MATHS!

Line them up lengthwise and clamp em in place. Find the center point, measure about 14" of string and swing an arc, drawing the circumference of the layout

Add your halved 2x4 onto the board and get them situated real nice like
Square those 2x4s off so you know you have a right angle and then trace the board as your reference

I gridded out each individual plank with countersunk holes to prevent the wood from splitting, and then drilled the 2x4 into place

Cellar door project complete

Flip it over and look at the front at your (poorly) lines and get your jig handy

Jig, jig like the wind! I really struggled to make good cuts, but I was able to sand it later to my liking.

Here's the back all sanded and wiped down ready for some stain.

I went with a dark walnut stain and did my first coat, let it set 5 minutes and then wiped down the excess with a rag.

They kinda look like little muffins
I wanted to make the button plugs look like metal, but I was honestly really disappointed with the sheen this type offered, it didn't create any of the texture from the can top

See? It's all shiny and non-textured, I sanded off the sheen with some fine grain sand paper.

Now to prime, make sure to tape off the edges of your stain. I used spray primer so cover everything to prevent dusting.

Primed with two coats

I bought a little color paint sample because I needed a small amount and kinda dug the color.

Two coats of paint

I freehand drew a bear paw on the shield and then added the painter's tape, cutting out the design to make a stencil.

Notice how I didn't cover everything, don't be lazy like me, put some newspaper on that thing, prevent any stray spray paint.... Straypaint?

Peel away. Peeling anything is so satisfying, glue on your hands, saran wrap, scabs, painter's tape is no exception.

Check out the back, we need to grip this thing. So pick a belt to ruin and get to ruining it.


To keep the belts in place I used some left over wood to create brackets that I routed a belt sized groove in to pinch the belt while not cracking the wood.

Stain those blocks, what are you some sort of savage?
Screw those blocks in place, and keep a little bend in those belts or else you won't get your hands and wrist in there.

Pop those button plugs into place with some wood glue and bammo, you're done.

FYYCDT: Challenge 1

Welcome to a new segment for the Labs! This is our first issue of Fuck You, You Can't Do That in which our leading scientists attempt to do things outside their ability just to prove how incompetent they are.

The rules are simple: the issuer invents a challenge for the other members of the lab, giving them instructions and time limits and at the end of the allotted time there is a judgment rendered to see who was just marginally less disappointing.

To kick us off I'm issuing the challenge to Rios and Mike: I want you to make a bow and three arrows out of any material you wish. The bows and craftsmen will be judged based off of an archery contest that is to be held the weekend of June 15th and the results will be posted to these very labs.

Gentlemen, I expect you to document your attempts for content that will be posted at the end of the competition to make sure you don't copy each other and we have more content other than the inevitable emergency room posts.

Good luck, bad labs.

Model That: Boxraffe

    Alright so originally I was going to use blender to make this, but my girlfriend has been using this other program, Lightwave Modeler, so I figured id pick up the trial and give it a whirl. First as any inexperienced modeler does, I started with a box, i didn't take a picture of it, but i figured everyone knows what a box looks like.
  Once I had the box, I started expanding it, and started to make a body and a neck.

After that I started making a head and just sort of forming the body so it looked less box like and more..well it sort of looks like a bird.It stays looking like a bird for a while, but i just kept trying to make it look more like an animal and less like a box.

So after I was done making the body, I started to give it some legs and just sort of kept messing around with it so it started looking more like a giraffe.

 At this point, I was fairly satisfied with the shape of it, gave it some ears and now it really is starting to look like something, so I found a giraffe print online, and used that bad boy on my model.

This was basically the finished product, now, I did a tiny bit more tweaking, and decided it was ready for some renderin. I wanted a background, but i didn't really know how to do it, so i just took a square and made it gigantic, colored it and bent it. I'm sure there are better ways(i'd hope) but for now it worked
After I was done aiming the camera and trying to get the light in the right spot, this down here is the final product. The original green I used looked shitty when i rendered it, so i used a different color in the end. It still looks like a box and like something out of a video game from the 90's, but not too bad for a first attempt considering I didn't use tutorials and just sort of winged it.

Some of you may ask, Rios where are the eyes? Well because I had the "discovery edition" it gave me shit about putting in eyes and wouldn't let me save, so i decided to scrap them and just leave it as a soulless box monster. Eventually ill have to get the full version, and start watching some tutorials.

Text, shmext

Whenever a friend of mine tells me they're getting a Pebble or one of those smart watches I think they overestimate their importance. Then again, I hate everyone, especially my friends.

First Impressions

Today I got a tablet. I made a comic. This is it.
It's harder than it looks.