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Vuono Vednesdays: Board with Life

On Sunday, a skateboard was conceived.

On Monday, that skateboard was born a hideous, malformed freak of nature, not even good enough to be burned to death to create warmth for a homeless person.

 It had a little pop, a lotta heart, but not enough glue.

So, again, on Monday, another board was banged into existence. This time, 3x as much glue was used. But no one truly knows how much heart went into this. Except for Randy.

Later today, this board will be born from it's wooden womb, and we shall see if I'm still just a total fuck up or if I can actually do something right.


The glue is not fully dry. Will check on this tomorrow.


It has emerged.

The nose end of the mold cracked under the pressure. Won't be using this again.

I used a layer of newspaper between the mold and the board. Made removal very easy, and I can just sand the newspaper bits off.

It's got okay pop. It still needs to dry a bit I think, but it could just be the coolness of the basement.

This is a mess.

Next week: Cutting the shape, sanding, and maybe riding.

First Impressions

Today I got a tablet. I made a comic. This is it.
It's harder than it looks.