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Model That: Boxraffe

    Alright so originally I was going to use blender to make this, but my girlfriend has been using this other program, Lightwave Modeler, so I figured id pick up the trial and give it a whirl. First as any inexperienced modeler does, I started with a box, i didn't take a picture of it, but i figured everyone knows what a box looks like.
  Once I had the box, I started expanding it, and started to make a body and a neck.

After that I started making a head and just sort of forming the body so it looked less box like and more..well it sort of looks like a bird.It stays looking like a bird for a while, but i just kept trying to make it look more like an animal and less like a box.

So after I was done making the body, I started to give it some legs and just sort of kept messing around with it so it started looking more like a giraffe.

 At this point, I was fairly satisfied with the shape of it, gave it some ears and now it really is starting to look like something, so I found a giraffe print online, and used that bad boy on my model.

This was basically the finished product, now, I did a tiny bit more tweaking, and decided it was ready for some renderin. I wanted a background, but i didn't really know how to do it, so i just took a square and made it gigantic, colored it and bent it. I'm sure there are better ways(i'd hope) but for now it worked
After I was done aiming the camera and trying to get the light in the right spot, this down here is the final product. The original green I used looked shitty when i rendered it, so i used a different color in the end. It still looks like a box and like something out of a video game from the 90's, but not too bad for a first attempt considering I didn't use tutorials and just sort of winged it.

Some of you may ask, Rios where are the eyes? Well because I had the "discovery edition" it gave me shit about putting in eyes and wouldn't let me save, so i decided to scrap them and just leave it as a soulless box monster. Eventually ill have to get the full version, and start watching some tutorials.

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