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FYYCDT: Challenge 1

Welcome to a new segment for the Labs! This is our first issue of Fuck You, You Can't Do That in which our leading scientists attempt to do things outside their ability just to prove how incompetent they are.

The rules are simple: the issuer invents a challenge for the other members of the lab, giving them instructions and time limits and at the end of the allotted time there is a judgment rendered to see who was just marginally less disappointing.

To kick us off I'm issuing the challenge to Rios and Mike: I want you to make a bow and three arrows out of any material you wish. The bows and craftsmen will be judged based off of an archery contest that is to be held the weekend of June 15th and the results will be posted to these very labs.

Gentlemen, I expect you to document your attempts for content that will be posted at the end of the competition to make sure you don't copy each other and we have more content other than the inevitable emergency room posts.

Good luck, bad labs.