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FYYCDT: Challenge 1 - Mike V


So the first FYYCDT was to make a bow and arrows, winner to be judged in an archery contest.

Here we go

Hey look at that lil tree

He was looking at me kinda smug...


I'm peeling off your skin, tree

Now you're fucking naked, tree.

Cuttin a notch up in this birch

Grabbin some paracord

Notched up starring Seth Rowan

That kinda looks like a decent bow


Round two, tools required:
1) 5' PVC (3/4 Schedule 40)
2) File
3) Knife
4) String
5) Ducttape

File a notch in the top of the PVC

Notch looks pretty good. I cleaned up the edges a bit.

Tie off a knot on your string that won't slip through the notch.

Put it inside the PVC.

Use the ducttape to tape off the edge.

With the other side, you want to make the knot 2-3 inches shorter than where the notch is. The above picture is a pile of shit, that knot is too far down.

Bend the PVC and slip the knot through the notch.

The bow is now strung. Tape off the other end. Your string should be taut. 

This string could play a song. A song of blue grass bullshit my dog died and my woman left me for the mailman. In kentucky.

With the file again, I'm filing a notch at the end of a wooden dowel. Arrows. 

This notch looks pretty okay.

Using the knife to make a point on the other end of the arrow.

Fuck yes.

Now I'm gonna try to shoot that box across my basement.

Okay here we go


Oh my god...

This shit is lethal.

Fletching is awful. I tried two different things. One was to use a packaging envelope as makeshift feathers.

The other was to weigh down the front by wrapping wire around the front of the arrow.

We'll see who wins later today. Fuck you Rios.