FYYCDT2: Chuck

Hey guys, so you watched Mike's video, you got excited (why would you though?) And now here I am posting this thing like 73 hours late because what's a Kwanzaa. I don't know. According to Wikipedia less than 2% of Americans do Kwanzaa, that seems like not a lot.

Anyway, here's this game I made. It's called Viking Sea because it's about Vikings at sea. Great.

I admittedly didn't screenshot any of the art I was working on, but here I am recreating the art I was doing

look at the time stamp it's so authentic.

I based the map off of an old sea chart that I found online. The art I made for this game had me using a lot of reference images and autodesk to try to make it more stylized to the game. I don't know if it worked.

The basic concept of the game is that you're a leader of one of four Viking clans and you need to go out and trade in order to survive. You take your longship and crew to the sea and go on a series of adventures encountering various challenges through an adventure deck that are resolved through the expenditure of time and resources.

Cards from the adventure deck

As with real life opportunity, the best belong to those in the front, so the four ships are vying to be in the front and be the flagship. The flagship has increased risk and rewards, they get to draw the adventure cards, and are first to experience the cards for better or worse. They might get the chance at looting an abandoned ship, or they might be the first to face off against a band of pirates. Every opportunity you get a chance to take you need to expend some of your time, which can lead to you losing your vaunted position as flagship.

Part of this game involves everyone building their ship at the beginning of the game through a mad grab for upside down tiles that are revealed and placed onto your ship's grid. Each tile has a different purpose and are all valuable on your journey.


Their placement is important too, and the 1-20 matters, in negative outcomes of the adventure deck, a d20 will be rolled and you will take corresponding damage to your ship in that square.

Oh no my ship is all dinged up

The gameplay takes place between two boards. The playmat that is the map, and each player's individual ship. Each player is represented by a Game of Thrones Board Game boat on the sea map.

I secretly hope Kwon recognizes these boats because he is such a mystery.

Here are some pics of me putting this thing together. I had to go to Kinko's to print at 1150 at night because why not right.

I used these Michael's Canvas boards for the back, which I painted black with acrylic paint

holy shit i painted that stupid sodaplane

I trimmed down these dudes with a rotary, which is like a super sharp pizza cutter for paper, it is a nerve wracking tool to use

oh look shields and tiles to be cut out awesome.

I wanted everything to look old so I made up some Earl Grey

Blotted all over those fools

Important is to dry these guys out, I placed paper towels in between the sheets and then stacked some text books on top. It was like making paper lasagna.

When they were dry I used a glue stick (side note, I am 26 and I still get glue all over my fingers when I use a glue stick) to adhere them to the boards and then returned them to pressure like before.

I guess that's it, I am pretty happy with how it came out, but I haven't played it or tried to break it yet. There is still some shit that needs to be done and hopefully I don't lose points for it being nearly 2 hours late.

I really don't want to play this with you guys, I put a lot of work into it and you guys are garbage people and I am sensitive and have feelings and fuck you.

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