Okay so here is this super shitty board game I made. The game is called Wizard Sprint, because I'm the best at coming up with names. The rules of the game are simple: you have to get from one end of the board to the other and back, whoever does it first wins, however there are a few twists.

Look how great this looks
At the start of the game, each player gets 3 cards from each category, attack, defense and movement.
Example of an Attack Card
On the start of players turn, they can either use a movement or attack card, and then roll the die like normal to move. A defending player can use a card to defend against an attack, but they don't get to see what card their attacker is using until after they play a defense card.
One of the many(3) defense cards

Anyway that is pretty much it, roll the die, attack a dude you hate, try to defend yourself. Now let me go into how I made it.
Basically with this motherfucker
    Since everyone knows I cant draw for shit, I stole a bunch of spell images from one of my favorite games HOMM3. I took the images, changed some of the colors so that they all matched, and just made a background color matching the cards color. I also took a card border I found online, and a picture of a random shield or other shit for the backs.
   For the boards, I just found some backgrounds I liked, cropped them and put some movement space thing I found online, and then messed with the colorize settings to make each boards movement spaces look different. 

One of the boards

Original Spell

running dude
Add some color and a border, bam you got a card back

Colorize that shit
    So computer wise, that's all the computer stuff I did, now let me go over all the awful manual labor I did for this fucking thing. First off, I bought a pack of little canvas boards from Michael s, as well as a pack of mythical creatures for players, some beads for mines, card stock, glue and some brushes for the cards and to glue the pictures on the boards. 
    For all the cards, I used LibreOffice Draw to line them all up, so when I printed them back to back, they would look like real cards. I also used it to line up the spaces for the boards as well.

Like So
After that I printed them out on my dads shitty printer, and cut those fuckers out. 
Hope I cut these out straight



Fuck it
So After that shit was over, I planned out the board with the little dudes I bought,
Lined up the spaces, printed out the board glued that shit on
Finally a use for my old Spanish books
Tried to make hinges so I could fold it.
it worked okay
And once that shit dried, I bagged everything up, and put it in a gift box I got for Christmas.

the hinges didn't work okay it turns out
Now its time for my favorite part, things I fucked up, I'll just give it to you in a nice bullet point.
  • I cant draw for shit, and I have no sense of color
  • I couldn't cut in a straight line, so some shit is strange or has white parts
  • The glue dried strange, so there are some wrinkles, also the boards shifted I guess, so the spaces from one to the other doesn't really match up. 
  • Barely play tested it. 
  • I didn't just withdraw and let charlie win.
  • Being friends with Kwon/ all you fucks

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