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20MM #1


This is a refusal to let our projects, our ambitions and ourselves die out. Maybe that's what this site, this idea of "the labs" really means. We like to play around that we're bad guys, tinkering in our secret laboratory with these insane ideas. The bad guys were always regular dudes who worked extra hard to create things. Instead of creating 50-foot robotic monsters or exo-skeleton suits that can shoot lasers, we make 3D models, comics about dudes whackin' it, and videos that only three people find entertaining. But maybe we aren't bad guys trying to conquer the world; maybe we're regular dudes proving that the world is small enough that anyone can conquer a part of it. Anyone can learn to draw, or solder, or program.

This is the fourth time we've come back from a hiatus of some sort. Every single time we take a break, we come back stronger. This is no exception.

This is what the labs is all about. We're the refusal to quit that everyone has inside of them. We are that rapping in the back of your head that tells you to put pen to paper and write down that idea you had. We're the post-it that you put on your mirror two years ago that gives you strength in your darkest hour. The labs is everything that refuses to lay down quietly and shuffle forward. Look upon us, and find in yourself something that you knew was there but were afraid of unleashing.

We are Bad Guy Labs. You can do anything.