FYYCDT2: Results

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but Kwon only had a few for Viking Sea.

So, the raging panda decided to choose Wizard Marathon or whatever it was called as the winning game. I think we all can agree that if nothing else, the haste strategy is applicable not only to Rios' game that we will never play again, but to life in general. Always be Hastin'.

So the second Fuck You, You Can't Do That is finally over, and that means two things:

1) Rios has to issue a redemption challenge to Charlie
2) I have to make a prize for sir Rios
3) Rios has to issue FYYCDT3

I have a feeling like Rios already issued his challenge to Charlie, hmmm. Maybe in a day or two a video will pop up on here. I don't know why, but I just have a feeling like that's going to happen. Weird. It's probably just gas.

As for your prize, Rios. Fuck you, you fuck. I should have it after a little while, I'm not sure if I'm entirely capable of fulfilling my idea. But whatever fuck you fuck you fuck fuckuf fuckfuc 

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