Rando 2: Chuck

Oh hey labs, this is an on time garbage post brought to you by Binford tools.

If I was a sculptor, but then again no, I would have made a good sculpture in the theme of Home Improvement. Instead you get this thing.
I decided to use Sculpey, which is an easily obtainable and usable polymer clay that cures in the oven.

My idea was to sculpt a hammer out of sculpey, and then cure it, and then cover it with plaid in the style of Al Borland, the real toolman from Home Improvement.

Sculpey works best when it is uniform thickness and relatively thin, so the manufacturers suggest creating a core to model off of. I used aluminum foil and modeled the body of the hammer.

I kneaded and rolled out the sculpey onto a flat surface using a wine bottle (class folks, class) and then wrapped my core with it.

Trim the edges to ensure you can wrap your hammerhead.

Cure that hammer in the oven, follow the instructions on the packet, 15 minutes at 250 degrees for every quarter inch of sculpey. I did 20 minutes total, flipped the hammer 10 minutes in.

I took a small piece of scrap wood for the base, and took the cloth from a scrap shirt that I don't wear anymore. (Tips: Make sure you use a wood smaller than your torso for sizing purposes)

So Michaels suggested that school glue be used in pretty much every project, so I said Yeah sure Michaels worker, you are totally not 16 and don't give a shit about me or anything in the world, I'll use this runny bullshit on everything, thanks so much, no I don't want to frame anything. So I made a giant toaster strudel of glue and wood, take that Michaels.

Why am I even writing the steps here? You aren't going to do this at home. Why would you, this is a dumb idea. Look at the pictures, you're smart, just wing it like I did, and hope it doesn't look like shit, like mine does (Spoilers, it looks like shit)

Look at this little hammer, he's so cute. How did it turn into the final product that looks so bad? Answer: school glue.

School glue makes everything sticky especially your hands, but especially everything. So when you go to move stuff around it's going to stick to your project and your hands, so it's a bad idea in general. I don't know. At least I finished this one on time.

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