Rando 2: Rios

Oh hey guys whats up, want to see this awful thing I made? So like any true American, when I hear the words home improvement, I of course think of Al Borland and Tim "The Toolman" Taylor. So I decided to make a shitty sculpture in Al's honor. Below is my model that I totally followed

So since I figured no matter what I did, it was going to be terrible anyway, I may as well experiment. Following that thought, I decided to use a program called Sculptris, which is a digital sculpting program. So when you fire this bad boy up, all you start with is a little ball of clay, which you can pinch, smooth, inflate and pull.

People can make some pretty neat shit with this thing, but as we all know I am not one of those people. Instead I will show you the true terrors I have created with this program. So first you make a scary alien head,

 Eyes and a penis nose,

and then some beard and stash, and more details to just to really bring out that classic Al.

Don't worry though guys, hair will bring this all together. It's not like hair is real hard or anything.

 Cool all done, now time to paint. Looking awesome. Don't worry, color will bring this even more together.

All done, here is the final Al, in all his bearded glory.

Well whatever it worked out better than I thought. Also, here is a sweet cell shaded looking version, and then two of my earlier works to test out the program that I called terror bone and nightmare scream, sweet dreams you fucks. 

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