Rando 4: Mike


So on Tuesday I went hiking with a knife, and decided I'd find a fallen branch and carve it. I remembered that "No Holds Barred" aside from an awesome expression was also the name of a movie starring Hulk Hogan. I had visions of carving a crude but effective Hulkster, or "Rip" as he's known in the film, out of wood.

But, I'm not good at anything. As we will see:


shaping begins

theres the hogan chin. that's basically where i shouldve stopped, and called it "abstract"

hideous elephant man face beginning

more gross

wood is structurally compromised. losing features.

left eye is lost. popeye mouth formed. fuck my life.

Yeah so the wood I grabbed was still wet inside and instead of a firm, rough cut from the knife, I got a crumbly feta cheese cut a lot of the time once I went in a little deeper. 

I was going to retry last night but I fell asleep on my couch listening to opie and anthony podcasts.

This is especially damming because Charlie made the best thing I've ever seen from a Rando challenge. fuck you charlie. 


April 22nd Convo:

but the wood kept crumbling
cuz it was wet inside
so i kept losing my features
so i gotta try tonight again

lol as if i could do features

i mean
"features" is a loose term
charlies will be amazing

Chris Rios
well yeah

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