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    Alright boys, my challenge is pretty straightforward, you both have to build a race car and a launcher for that car. I gave you each about 3 feet of track to mess around with, your car has to fit and drive on that track. There will be two races, the first one is pinewood derby style, it'll just be a simple slope down, all your car can use is gravity. The second one will be a straightaway, this one measures your launcher, and how your car can handle the launcher's force.
    As for rules, there aren't too many. You can make the car out of whatever you want, and the launcher as well, also feel free to decorate your car, although I know you fucks wont. Winner will be measured by whoever has the best time crossing the finish line, or whoever gets the furthest in the track, the straight track will be about 15 feet total, so there is a chance the cars wont finish. If your car flies off the track for any reason, you get one redo, if it flies off again that counts as your furthest point in the track for that race. In the event of a tie, ill have a bonus track prepped, not 100% sure what its gonna be, but it'll prob have a sick loop in it. You have two months from today so posts are due April 15th, let me know if you have any other questions, and fuck you, you can't do that.  

Rando 3: Chuck

i dont know how to do this

Rando 3: Rios

So glad I made this.

Redemption Failure

I failed to deliver.